Pure Chia Performance Gel

Natural Fuel for your body to keep moving.
Push on your limits with Pulsaar Pure Chia Performance Gel.


What Is In It?
Pulsaar Pure Chia Performance Gel provides your body with all the energy you need to power through an extreme workout or athletic event, in a portable packet of gel. This is the first energy product that combines the extreme energy benefits of isomaltulose with the unrivaled health benefits of chia seeds to give you an energy gel that is as great for your body as it is for your performance. As mentioned above, our Pure Chia Performance Gel contains the key ingredient isomaltulose, which provides energy that lasts, as well as chia seeds.

The Pulsaar Chia Performance Gel also contains Beta Alanine which makes it possible to achieve a buffer effect of intramuscular acidosis which is one of the main causes of fatigue during exercise. Additionally, the gel contains no caffeine and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

What Does Pulsaar Pure Chia Performance Gel Do?
Our Chia Gel is an excellent source of energy in a convenient single-serve packet, which you can consume whenever you require. The isomaltulose in our chia seed gel enters the bloodstream at a slow rate, so that peaks and drops in glucose and insulin levels are avoided, which allows for an even and sustained supply of energy. Because the Beta Alanine in our gel helps buffer lactic acid, you will have less soreness in your muscles post-workout. Essential amino acids are included to help with your body’s metabolic processes.

The Power of Chia
The name of these seeds comes from the Mayan word “Chia” which means “strength” This superfood was consumed by the Aztec warriors, whose legend said that a handful was able to sustain an Aztec warrior for hours in battle.
Chia Seeds are known as a superfood for good reasons. They are high in antioxidants, offer a great source of protein, and contain healthy omega-3 oils. Chia seeds also promote weight loss, and they help balance blood sugar by introducing a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers to slow the body’s conversion of starches into sugars (low glycemic index).
Our Pure Chia Performance Gel makes good use of this incredible ingredient to ensure that your energy gel packs real nutrition. They are therefore ideal for prolonged efforts: cross-country running, marathons, football matches, rugby, volleyball, etc.
The amino acids present in the oily seed are also essential for recovery after exercise.

A Great Combination of Essential Amino Acids
– L-Leucine: to promote recovery (helps repair both bone and muscle tissues)
– L-Valine: to improve performance (stimulate muscle growth) and to recover (facilitates the repair of muscle tissues)
– L-L-Isoleucine: to increase resistance level and energy (stabilizes the sugar intake)
– B-Alanine: to improve muscle endurance (regulates muscle acidity)

– Omegas 3: for their anti-inflammatory effects and muscle’s oxygenation.
– Omega 6: for better performances and a better recovery.

Brief indication on ingredients 
Chia Seed powder, isomaltulose, Amino Acids (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-L-Isoleucine, Beta-Alanine), Omegas 3 & 6.

37g portion.