Bioactive Powder – Protein from Plants

Get strength and improve your recovery, the vegan way!
A unique and complete source of protein and polyphenols with easy digestion and assimilation.



What is in it?

Pulsaar Bioactive Powder – Plant based Protein is the only product on the market that contains an outstanding combination of three main plant-based protein sources together with polyphenols bringing a new concept of vegetables and plant-based solutions protein powder that meet varying needs of athletes looking for a natural way to support muscle mass, replenish, protect, strengthen and recover!
Pulsaar Bioactive Powder – Plant based Protein contains a blend of Premium vegan proteins that maintains muscle mass and provides wholesome satisfying nutrition that helps to feel fuller.
It contains as much protein as cow’s milk yet it is vegan and lower in calories.
Finally, Pulsaar Bioactive Powder contains polyphenols per serving which are nutritionally essential molecules for the human body. Polyphenols are involved in the interaction with pathogens, they are known as a protector of body’s tissues against oxidative stress. Every physical exercise induces oxidative stress which might provoke damage to cellular macro components.

What does Pulsaar Bioactive Powder – Plant based Protein do?

Our protein blend helps you to maintain muscle mass and to recover easily. It contains ingredients known as “bioactive”, which means that they are having an effect on living tissues. We could for instance mention ingredients such as Chorella, spirulina and polyphenol, all known as a help to restore physical capacity by decreasing muscle soreness.
Polyphenols helps to combat cell damage and therefore reduce inflammation and muscle damage after exercise keeping up muscle activity for longer periods.

Brief indication on ingredients
Vegetables proteins, polyphenols, chlorella powder, spirulina powder, natural aroma, natural sweeteners. More information on ingredients at the launch.
500g / 16 portions

Fill your shaker with 250 ml water. Add 30 g of powder and shake until the powder is complete dissolved.

Use a protein calculator to be in line with the direct dosage. Commonly, the protein average is 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight.  For active people it could be even 1 gr of protein per body kg.