Frage When should I use Pulsaar products?
ANTWORTENPulsaar is an ideal alternative energy source that adapts to your nutritional needs on-the-go. Are you a busy lifestyle person with an over-booked calendar who wants to stop the bad habit of skipping meals or eat anything you are able to find? Or are you a weekend warrior or a professional athlete that is looking for healthy products that boost your potential or give you the energy that your body requires? If so, Pulsaar products are made for you!
Frage What is the difference between a common snack and a Pulsaar bar?
ANTWORTENPulsaar Baars not only feed you, but they fill you, too, and with a great taste. Pulsaar products are made from natural ingredients and they also contain superfoods.  All ingredients have been carefully chosen because of their nutritional characteristics. Our products are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and full of key nutrients, helping your body get the energy benefits it needs.
Frage Can Pulsaar products be consumed by pregnant women and children?
ANTWORTENPulsaar “Black Line” products are safe, as any other snack you could find on the market. However, as a precaution, for pregnant women and children, we do recommend to ask your doctor before the use of Pulsaar products due to varying vitamin and mineral requirements and their delayed absorption.
Frage Why replace my sandwich with a Pulsaar product ?
ANTWORTENPulsaar brings you vitamins and minerals necessary to face your day. But depending on your needs and hunger, you might need to add a fruit… or have two Pulsaar products!

Frage Where should Pulsaar products be stored ?
ANTWORTENKeep away from direct sunlight and strong odors. Avoid storage in places of extreme changes in temperature and humidity.
Frage Are Pulsaar products good ?
ANTWORTENVery good question! The most objective judges are our consumers, you can read their opinions and testimonials here but you can also simply try it!
Frage Can Pulsaar products be consumed by a diabetic ?
ANTWORTENWe have done our best to ensure that Pulsaar products can be consumed by as many people as possible. However, we are not in a position to recommend that individuals suffering from diabetes should consume our products. As each case is different, you should seek the advice of your doctor prior to consuming Pulsaar products if you suffer from diabetes.