We are a team of passionate cyclist and runners that live and sweat their passion. A team formed by amateurs and former professionals who were joined by a single goal: love for sports and nature.

The idea of founding the Pulsaar team was born in 2018 when the brand was just starting. The idea of participating in different sports events have crossed our minds. Professionals and amateur’s sports people altogether moving their limits and enjoying each race, each challenge.

Our team participated in different categories’ races: Mountain bike, road cycling and running marathon series. Races that have left us not only medals but many anecdotes to tell and an amazing team spirit.

One of the first success of the Pulsaar’s team was during the Mountain Bike Marathon (MTBXCM) series SEB Mountain Bike. A race composed of 7 stages, where the Pulsaar Team won the honorable first place in the Toyota Hybrid marathon distance (https://velo.lv/lv/sacensibas/79/kopvertejums/komandas/ ).




The Pulsaar Team also stressed in the Mountain Bike series of the Vivus Mountain Bike marathon (http://www.mtb-maratons.lv/). The Pulsaar rider Oskars Muiznieks had a remarkable participation, holding the lead during the whole season. Oskars occupied the first place and won the gold medal within the overall individual ranking, placing the Pulsaar team in the 1st place in the distance marathon and in 2nd place in the half-marathon distance (http://www.mtb-maratons.lv/rezultati/rez_Viv7p18_kkom_V4.pdf).




The Pulsaar Team also participated in the Estonian MTB series, where our team took the victory in the marathon and half-marathon distances. (https://estoniancup.ee/hawaii-express-estonian-cup-15-jubelihooaeg-pressikonverent/ , Joulumae, our Estonian rider had an extraordinary participation allowing the team to add one more medal to our short but concise career.  This year we wanted to go further and we took the challenge participating in the most popular track jogging serpent Stirnubuks  (https://www.stirnubuks.lv/ ) Where our team member Arturs Dedzis tried his strength in 10 km and half marathon distance for later push his limits into the half ironman under Pulsaar community.




And this is the Pulsaar team, a group of friends and colleagues who share the same passion who despite the different sports levels of professionalism have managed to achieve team’s goals and above all to enjoy every single challenge! We would like to have such teams in all countries! We will soon create teams on Strava! Be ready for it!

The Pulsaar Team




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